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Our main world is semi-vanilla survival. There are only a few additions such as setting homes, setting up shops, and cosmetic rank perks such as disguising as mobs. Because we don't have region protection such as Towny/Factions, the server is greylisted and new users must fill out a simple application in-game to be granted permission to build here.


We don't have an admin shop, so the only way to earn in-game money is to use the Jobs plugin and trade with other players. This in-game currency can be used to buy in-game ranks with certain perks (for example owning a creative plot or setting a nickname). When a player types in chat, their rank is displayed next to their username.


We have a seperate world for creative mode which consists of plots that certain in-game ranks can own. We will have building competitions with rewards such as in-game currency or having your creation placed in the server spawn area. Obviously the inventories are not shared between the creative and survival worlds.


We have a seperate world for minigames, and they do not interfere with the main survival world. These are optional and provide no rewards other than in-game currency. Some of our minigames are spleef, kit pvp, paintball, parkour, and mazes. Users are encouraged to create their own minigames in creative and then contact staff to review them.